Maya & Friends


Maya loves trying new things!

She goes on adventures with her friends, exploring and learning about the world around her. There’s a lot to know about her own body as well, and Maya is starting to understand how to stay healthy, and what to do when she isn’t feeling well. She wants to be able to rest and get better, so she has energy to dance, play, and discover new things.


Bobby Bear is Maya’s best friend.

He goes everywhere with Maya, and always has her back. When Maya isn’t sure if she wants to try something, Bobby Bear is always brave and gives it a shot first. He’s also quite sensible, and makes sure Maya is always being careful with her fun explorations. Like most bears, he likes to stay somewhere cozy and warm during winter, but he’s never opposed to going sledding with Maya!


Ellie Elephant is one smart pachyderm.

Ellie has a great memory, knows all kinds of things, and always seems to show up when Maya has questions. She never stops learning though, and has a curious mind and a curious trunk. Ellie Elephant often accompanies Maya on her adventures, and is very helpful on their journeys. She likes cool baths, surprise entrances, and munching on colorful flowers.


Dr. Meow, a very wise acupuncturist.

Owner of Purrr-fect Acupuncture, Dr. Meow knows all about Chinese medicine. She loves explaining it to new patients and friends. Dr. Meow takes great care with each of her patients, and is always figuring out how to best use her wisdom and techniques to help everyone feel their best.

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