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An Interview with Modern Acupuncture Marketing

We chatted with Michelle Grasek over at Modern Acupuncture Marketing about the creation of Maya & Friends Visit the Acupuncturist, and how a book like this can help in marketing for an acupuncture practice. We answered some of Michelle’s questions on creating this acupuncture children’s book, marketing it, and dealing with self publishing. Read the […]

Helping Children Be At Ease with Needles: Kids Love Acupuncture Guest Blog

What did you imagine when you first heard about acupuncture? Perhaps a person lying alone on a table with needles poking out everywhere. What do you think kids imagine? Author Samara White wrote an article for Robin Green’s about how to help children feel more comfortable with the idea of acupuncture. Check out the […]

Yin Yang Podcast

We recently had a chance to chat with the guys from Yin Yang Podcast about the “story behind the story” of Maya & Friends Visit the Acupuncturist. We had a lot of laughs with Travis and Chris, and it was all kinds of fun talking to them about acupuncture, Chinese medicine, the process of putting […]

Everyday Acupuncture Podcast Feature

Author Samara White recently did an interview with Michael Max on his new podcast Everyday Acupuncture. They talk about the book and treating children with acupuncture. Check out his site here, and get a special digital copy of the book which features a portion of the story and 15 of the illustrations. Share This:

TCM007 Guest Blog Post

Check out this guest post we wrote for Jennifer Dubowsky’s blog. Dr. Meow gives a tip for the season, and we talk a little about the book. Jennifer Dubowksy, DIPL.Ac. is an acupuncturist out of Chicago, and a fellow author about acupuncture. She wrote a great book of her own, Adventures in Chinese Medicine, and […]