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Try Acupuncture Magazine gave us a great writeup recently, calling Maya & Friends Visit the Acupuncturist the Best New Acupuncture Book of 2014! If you want a chance to win a free copy of the book, sign up for Try Acupuncture and get automatically entered in a raffle for a free copy.

"This book is exactly what we need for educating both kids and parents about what happens when patients come to our office. My office manager saw the book and commented about how much she learned from it, even after working in an acupuncture office for three years. I recommend this book for every practitioner of Chinese medicine to keep in the office for acupuncture fans of all ages!"

Jason D. Robertson L.Ac., E.A.M.P.
Core Faculty - Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine
Author: Applied Channel Theory in Chinese Medicine

“Maya and Friends Visit the Acupuncturist is a great addition to the library of books on East-Asian medicine aimed at a non-medical audience. Specifically for kids, but honestly fun and interesting for adults, this little book lays out some of the basic principles of East-Asian medicine in a format that is engaging and informative. The illustrations make the story come alive and I suspect that after kids read this, they will be bugging their parents to take them in to see their local acupuncturist! This book would be a useful addition to a medical office library, as well as a great book for parents who are educating their children about medical treatment options."

Craig Mitchell, EAMP, PhD
President, Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine
Author: Shang Han Lun, On Cold Damage: Translation and Commentaries

"This book always brings a smile to my face. The creators do a wonderful job capturing the cheerful spirit of healing and the particulars of this ancient medicine and relating them in a way that children of all ages can grasp. I expect Maya & Friends to be in the waiting room of all our graduates to help parents and kids understand the value of this natural healing. The drawings are delightful and go splendidly with the text. Quite an accomplishment!"

Paul Karsten, M.Ed., E.A.M.P.
Academic Dean, Seattle Institute of Oriental Medicine

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Maya & Friends Visit the Acupuncturist is getting praise on Amazon, and also available to order there. Check it out.

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